Recipe by John Fleming, Melbourne Musician, from The Breakfast Project eBook by Charmaine Dennis and Milly Dabrowski

“Coming up with gluten free breakfasts to satisfy everyone in the family is tricky. We ate flat, solid pancakes for a long time before learning about whites whipped and light. Fluffy AND gluten free? Yes it is possible! Our family favorite.” – John Fleming

Makes 10 medium pancakes

2 eggs separated
1 cup buckwheat flour
200mls milk (I use soy)
A pinch of salt
Some oil for the pan (olive or coconut is great, butter for a treat)
Top with any combination of the following: Maple syrup, fresh berries,
lemon, nuts, yoghurt, honey, coconut oil/butter, coconut sugar, jams,
butter – go nuts)
Mix flour, milk, egg yolks and salt.
Whip the egg whites to firm peaks in a separate bowl.
Gently fold in the other mixed ingredients.
Let the batter stand for a few minutes while you heat the pan.
Grease the pan with a tablespoon of the oil of your choice and pour
in batter.
Cook palm sized pancakes on one side until lightly brown, then flip
for a minute or so until the other side browns.
Top with your favourite flavours and

John Fleming is a Melbourne musician, songwriter, presenter and performer. With over two decades of acclaimed work on TV, radio and live shows both solo and with The Scared Weird Little Guys, John is also a father of 2 gorgeous children and loves to cook up delicious healthy breakfasts for his family and friends.