Around 15 per cent of couples in various Western countries suffer from infertility. Every year thousands try IVF and other assisted-reproduction techniques but only about a third go home with a baby in their arms. IVF now accounts for 3 per cent of all births in Australia and the numbers are similar in other developed countries.

Making Babies tells the stories behind the statistics inside the world of egg harvesting blatocyst transferral and hormone injections. Here are fourteen personal memoirs of IVF survivors: many are inspiring some are heartbreaking and others are miraculous. From single mothers to long-term heterosexual and gay couples Making Babies presents an array of experiences from those who have been touched by the incredible possibilities that are opened up by IVF technology.

Within this remarkable collection of memoirs are stories of personal endurance loss unwavering dedication and sacrifice and above all confirmation of the inexplicable love that stems from the act of becoming a parent whether through natural means reproductive technology surrogacy or adoption.

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