Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

Your body undergoes many changes as you grow a new person inside of you, and there are many benefits of massage during pregnancy to help you through this time. Some of the changes you experience can be stressful and uncomfortable, such as stress, fatigue and muscular discomfort. Regular massage  treatment during the pregnancy can help you through these uncomfortable symptoms. 

The benefits of massage during pregnancy 

Reducing stress
Massage helps to soothe and relax nervous tension, which can reduce an elevated heart rate and also contributes to helping you sleep more easily and deeply.

Relieving depression/ anxiety
Massage stimulates glandular secretions, which helps to stabilise hormonal levels and it can also promote a relief of depression or anxiety that can be caused by hormonal changes.

Increasing relaxation
Massage offers you time to embrace your pregnancy, rest and recharge. The calm and comfortable sanctuary environment of the massage room can also induce a state of relaxation for your body and mind.

Less fatigue for you &  better nourishment for baby
Massage increases local and general blood circulation, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to both your cells and the cells of your growing baby.

Relieving pregnancy discomfort
Massage alleviates muscular pain, such rib pain, pelvic girdle pain, lower back/ hip pain, legs cramps and muscle tightness. Massage during pregnancy also relieves headaches and any oedema that can cause sore swollen ankles and feet.

Improvement of your muscular flexibility
Flexibility will be most helpful during your final trimester of pregnancy and then again during the birth itself.

Pregnancy massage is generally 60 minutes for full body, but it can be extended to 90 minutes. We also understand the need for position options for massage as your belly grows. We use special pregnancy cushions and props for massage to provide safe, comfortable treatment in the position that suits you. For example you may lay face down (prone) and have belly mats placed underneath you to allow space for your baby and belly, or you may choose to be side lying, supported by a wedge pillow for your belly and knees.

A relaxed mother is more likely to have a happier, healthier pregnancy and possibly an easier childbirth experience. Massage is also beneficial for the recovery of your body after your baby’s birth. Postnatal massage helps you regain the strength more quickly and eases postpartum stress too.

Written by Ashley Fang, remedial and pregnancy massage therapist. Ashley is an outstanding massage therapist and receives consistent enthusiastic accolades from patients at Fertile Ground and The Melbourne Apothecary. She is a qualified in both Remedial Massage (with 7 years experience) and Pregnancy Massage. She employs a range of deep tissue and relaxation techniques, combined with unique Chinese acupressure and trigger point massage to create a therapeutic style that really sets her apart from her peers.

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孕期全身按摩通常為60分鐘,也可延長至90分鐘。 我們明白隨腹部隆起程度按摩躺臥方式選擇的需求。 為提供安全、舒適並適合您孕期階段的按摩,我們使用專為孕婦設計的孕墊輔助。例如您可以選擇面朝下(俯臥)按摩,放置在您腹部特殊設計的墊子,為您的寶寶和腹部留出空間;您也可以選擇側臥按摩,楔形設計枕墊提供您的腹部和膝蓋需要的支撐。

一個放鬆的孕媽咪更有可能擁有一個快樂、健康的孕期,並且更加可能有輕鬆的分娩體驗。 孕期按摩有利於獲得良好的孕期體驗,亦有利於寶寶出生後身體的恢復。產後按摩則助於更快地恢復體力並緩解產後壓力。


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