The Melbourne Acupuncture Multi-Bed Project draws on international trends which make acupuncture more accessible, convenient and cost effective. Specialising in fertility, IVF support and pregnancy, the Multi-Bed Project is a unique approach to this specialist area, providing Melbourne with the highest quality natural medicine health care with some of the most experienced practitioners in this field.

Our Multi-bed Project is one space with three beds divided by screens and curtains for privacy, with one practitioner attending to multiple beds. Each patient listens to guided meditation or relaxation music on individual headphones for increased privacy, efficacy and depth of relaxation.

Multi-Bed appointments are suitable for:

  • Repeat visits
  • IVF pre/post transfers
  • Labour Induction
  • Morning sickness
  • Birth preparation
  • Hormone/menstrual cycle regulation
  • Men’s fertility
  • Patients with time constraints

All patients require an initial consultation when attending FGHG for the first time. You may require a number of one-to-one sessions before an appropriate plan can be put in place for multi-bed attendance. Some exceptions will be possible for IVF and induction patients. Chat with your practitioner about your eligibility for the multi-bed.

What to expect at your multi-bed acupuncture experience:

  1. Present to reception at FGHG as usual on arrival. You will be asked to pay for your appointment before your treatment so you are able to simply leave when you are finished.
  2. You will be directed to the waiting area in Suite 2 where your practitioner will collect you. You should not be kept waiting long.
  3. You will be shown to your bed. While you are waiting, remove any tight jeans, stockings, socks and shoes, coats, etc. and lie down on the bed. Use the towels and blankets provided to stay warm while you wait. Your treatment has begun so take some deep breaths and start to relax. Your practitioner will check your multibed plan (determined at the time of your last long consultation with your primary practitioner)
  4. Your practitioner will come in and have a brief chat with you and may perform channel palpation, pulse and tongue diagnosis to help guide the treatment for the day. You will notice there is much less talking and an atmosphere of quiet in the multibed. This is to both protect your and other patient’s privacy as well as maintaining a deeply relaxing environment. We don’t encourage lots of discussion in the multibed so if new issues have arisen or you haven’t been to the multibed within the last month, you will need a long consultation with your primary practitioner to make a new plan for your multibed consultations.
  5. Once needles are in, you will be provided with wheat bags and covers as usual. You will also receive headphones with an ipod and your choice of appropriate meditations or music to listen to while you rest with your needles. We have found that patients find the guided meditations especially helpful to their relaxation and studies show that both increased relaxation and meditation are beneficial to almost all conditions. The headphones also provide privacy so that while you are resting you are not able to hear the conversation of treatments happening around you.
  6. Remember your multibed appointment happens in a shared space so there will be noises from other patients having their treatments. Call out to your practitioner for help adjusting your headsets if you are having trouble screening external sounds.
  7. At the end of your treatment, needles are removed and your practitioner will leave you to get up and dress and then you can simply leave.

Appointment scheduling. It is important that you book review sessions with your primary acupuncturist as indicated in your long consultations with them. This review will determine the treatment plan that your pracitioner will be following in your multi-bed consultations. Most importantly it provides an opportunity to report any changes or to talk about other issues that may present in the meantime.

If you are unclear about your appointment schedule, please email your primary practitioner or telephone reception to clarify. You should have approximately 3-6 multi-bed appointments followed by one long consult with your primary practitioner. All other appointment conditions apply as usual, including the 24-hour cancellation fee.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Melbourne Acupuncture Multibed Project. For more information check out our website or call our helpful reception team on 9419 9988.