Our goal is to help you be and stay healthy, happy, balanced and energised – body, mind and spirit. We believe this will enable you to live the best quality life for the longest possible time – and we all want to get the most out of life – right?

For this reason we choose to treat you according to natural medicine principles. That means using the innate intelligence of your body to your own best advantage. All the systems of medicine at Fertile Ground Health Group see you as a whole – your body, emotions, stresses, environment and relationships all contribute to your overall health status. All of these factors influence the intricate systems by which your body keeps itself functioning and balanced. Sometimes, these systems need some support or enhancement to help restore their function or to repair damage that may have occurred through accident or lifestyle factors.

Natural medicine is often referred to as complimentary or allied health services. This is because almost all natural medicine modalities can be safely combined with Western medical treatment (when appropriate) to give you the best results. Whether you are under the care of your General Practitioner (GP) or a Specialist, your practitioner will communicate their treatment intentions when it is useful or necessary to ensure all of your carers are clear and confident with the medicines or treatments used.

We have chosen our specific modalities of complementary medicine for a number of reasons:

  • They have been used successfully for hundreds (in some cases thousands) of years.
  • They are geared toward wellness and preventative health rather than illness and treating problems only once established.
  • They are used to enhance and support the natural mechanisms your body was born with (eg immunity), rather than suppressing systems in an effort to simply curb symptoms (eg habitual anti-histamine use).
  • They are non-invasive, often relaxing and address you on all levels – mind body and spirit.
  • From a natural medicine point of view we see and address the whole person in the context of their lives, not just a problem in one part of the body.

We have chosen a range of natural therapies that we feel will provide you with the best range of options to get your particular needs met. You may use one or several different therapies depending on your changing needs over time. See our website to learn more about the particular natural therapies we are able to offer you at the particular life stage you are at: www.fertileground.com.au.