Osteopathy during pregnancy can help with more than just reducing back pain. During pregnancy our goal is to create an unrestricted space for the baby to grow and ideally position themselves for birth. Tightness in the mums body can influence the babies position in the uterus and even impact its descend through the birth canal. Using hands-on techniques we aim to release tension through the mum’s back, ribs, pelvis, hips and diaphragm so that the baby is able to move into a more ideal position.

A randomised control trial of Osteopathy as a Therapy During Pregnancy[1] investigated the influence of osteopathic treatment on the length of delivery for first-time pregnancies. Treatment started between the 12th to 16th week gestation. The study found a reduction of three hours in duration delivery with the mean length of delivery 4.7 hours in the intervention group compared to 7.7 hours in the control group. Additionally, there was a 37% decrease in pain intensity during labour and a reduction in the number of episiotomies performed in the intervention group.

While pregnancy and labour is a unique experience for each women ensuring optimal space and mobility is only positive. Osteopathy can help your body feel balanced, aligned and supported while it adapts to the rapid changes of pregnancy.

[1] Nistler, G., Deutschmann, U., Lenz, D., & Schwerla, F. (2010). Osteopathy as a Therapy During Pregnancy: A randomised controlled trial. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, Volume 13 (3), 128 doi: 10.1016/j.ijosm.2010.07.028

Nicole Cukierman, FGHG Osteopath enjoys treating a wide variety of patients and has a particular interest in working with babies, children, pregnancy and individuals with special needs. Nicole’s knowledge in paediatrics and antenatal care has been enhanced through extra courses in the osteopathic treatment and management of children and women during pregnancy.