There is nothing good health is not good for! This is my motto and I believe it with all my heart. Our health is the foundation of our ability to do almost everything else in our life and the degree to which we are healthy influences, I believe, everything from how much we can achieve, how well we function day to day, how happy we feel, the kind of illnesses we get, how much wealth we have and how we relate to the world. The more energy you pour into your wellness, the more you get out of life (even financially – less sick days, more energy, increased creativity, clearer thinking – all mean more capacity for manifesting more in your life).

At Fertile Ground Health Group we specialise in the care of couples trying to conceive – it is true – fertility, preconception health and pregnancy form a large part of our work. And we love it! But in reality what we are practicing is the ancient art of PREVENTION. Think fertile ground for health! Wellness and prevention are THE catch-phrases for the future focus of the health industry and yet, this is something we have been doing for over ten years!

But what does that mean for you?

It means that rather than wait for problems to arise, you have the power to avoid many health problems before they even arise – even the so-called genetic conditions. For example, obesity and late onset diabetes have been labeled as ‘diseases’ that people may have a genetic pre-disposition to. However, we would describe the majority of cases of diabetes as lifestyle-influenced meaning that it can almost always be avoided with good, preventative health care.

The idea is to identify problems or risks in the early stages or before they even happen and to make choices and implement changes that support a different outcome. When problems arise, applying more of the same behaviour that got you into that situation does not help you to get out of it. Something different has to happen to take you to a different outcome!
Here are some ways and times you can think about implementing prevention in your life for a healthier, happier, richer (in all senses of the word) life!

Fertility wellness &prevention = preconception care

No matter where you are in your fertility journey, taking a step back to look at the overall picture is hugely beneficial. Preconception care usually refers to the 3-4 months of focused tweaking and change to improve overall wellness and improve conditions which may be impacting on your fertility. It is about enhancing the good and limiting or eliminating the bad to create the best possible conditions for fertility, conception and a healthy baby and family life forever!

Even if you are well into a more complex treatment process, there is still opportunity to make pre-conception-type changes. You can take a break or incorporate it into your overall treatment plan – it can be very flexible and a process of continuous improvement that leads you to your ultimate goal.

Pregnancy wellness &prevention = pre-birth preparation

Strangely the word ‘induction’ is a controversial one. Most professional carers (including us) have concerns about any kind of forced induction without medical necessity. And most importantly everyone feels concerned that women feel pressured to go into labour ‘on time’ or early or on any kind of schedule.
We find the most positive solution to supporting women to go into labour naturally and in a timely manner is the process of birth preparation. This starts at around 34-36 weeks and involves weekly visits to promote physical and emotional balance. Encouraging babies into a good position and helping mums achieve relaxation in body and mind are among the important elements that help her to go into labour without unnecessary intervention and also to have the most efficient labour possible.

Working against the clock at the last minute often means we are working with a whole different set of stress related hormones which can work against the ultimate goal of going into labour. Early preparation means reduced stress, increased support and improved outcomes – even the research says so!

General health wellness & prevention = checking in regularly

Good health is a gift to be maintained like any other thing of value in life. Whether you are blessed with uncomplicated good health or if you have a more complex health picture, everyone can implement actions to improve some aspect of their general health. Usually this requires the support of a good wellness practitioner – that means a naturopath or an acupuncturist or similar. Doctors treat illness not wellness – which is fine, but the difference needs to be made clear.

To maintain wellness, a minimum seasonal check in with your preferred health care professional is a must. Preparation for the season ahead and repairing minor issues that have come up in the current season is a simple rule of thumb to keep you topped up.

For example, this long hot summer can contribute to heat related conditions which can include symptoms as diverse as cough, constipation, sleep issues, heart palpitation, dryness, anxiety and more. Untreated this can linger and develop over Autumn and into winter where long standing niggles and a consistently challenged and depleted immune system can’t stand up to the serious challenge of a long winter.
Do you really need a flu injection, or should you just think about checking in with your acupuncturist, naturopath, integrative doctor or other wellness practitioner to see where the gaps are and what you can do to improve all aspect of your health the now to gain most benefit in in readiness for the months to come.

It is that simple. A little preparation goes a long way no matter what life throws at you! Improved health can be created by you, with a little help, foresight, guidance and treatment. You have the power, you really do! Let us help you uncover it. Make an appointment for a chat with one of our wellness professionals and be inspired for a better life.