At Fertile Ground Health Group (FGHG) we love caring for you throughout your fertility and pregnancy journey and when the baby comes the care does not end there! We offer a range of approaches to help support mums as they navigate the often challenging first months with a new babe.

If you have been a patient of FGHG throughout your pregnancy why not take advantage of Osteopathic baby check to make sure bub has bounced back from the stresses and pressures of being born.  And of course, we strongly believe babies need well rested, healthy mums and our “mother roasting treatment”, a regenerative massage treatment is ideal any time after you give birth – say any time in the next 12 years!

Below you will find information on how each of our modalities can help you and your family once your bundle of joy has arrived.  We are here to support you through any hiccups you might encounter or just to support wellness, enhance health and prevent future health issues for both mother and baby.  Prevention is key, but if either you or your baby are struggling in any way, one of our highly experienced practitioners will know how to guide you.

Naturopathic care can assist with energy and nutritional requirements needed for mothers post birth to ensure sufficient milk for breastfeeding.  It also offers a range of solutions for milk supply & mastitis, low mood, fatigue, baby colic or eczema, feeding, sleeping and developmental issues.  Advice on weaning, introducing solids, vaccination support and fever management is also available.  Naturopathic care also provides essential support and solutions for any mum or baby struggling with digestive or immune issues.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can treat many conditions including feeding problems (insufficient lactation, oversupply, mastitis, engorgement, pain, etc.), urinary incontinence, hormonal balancing, abdominal pain, back pain, post natal fatigue, mother and /or baby sleep issues, stress anxiety and depression. This ancient and traditional medicine deeply nourishes your energy like nothing else.  And the Melbourne Acupuncture Multi-bed Project makes appointments super accessible – in and out in 45 minutes!

Osteopathic care is highly beneficial for both mother and baby.  For mothers: helping the pelvis, spine and whole body return to the optimal position and function after the changes induced by pregnancy, labour and birth. For babies: gently releasing any tension in the head or body resulting from  labour and birth can relieve or avoid reflux, colic, unexplained pain responses, altered head and neck position/development or just generally support and relax unsettled babies.

Our Massage therapists offer mums “Mother roasting” for an enriching massage and moxibustion treatment using warming and nourishing essential oils and heat pack application.  This massage incorporates the use of specific acupressure points that have rejuvenating and regenerative properties for new mothers post birth. This makes it the perfect treatment to re balance new mums, increase body energy and relieve any muscular pain and tension.  Appropriate for all mums, no matter how you have given birth or how long ago!

Counselling. Pregnancy and birth involve significant change in a myriad of ways, with different and often unexpected feelings surfacing. Counselling during pregnancy and / or post birth can enrich your parenting experience and ensure challenges are unpacked and moved through for personal growth and a feeling of confidence and freedom. Preparing for labour & birth or debriefing your birth experience through our specialist counselling service is an essential part of this transformative life stage as you birth yourselves as parents.

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Gift vouchers are also available if you’ve got someone in mind that would benefit from some post natal care treatments at Fertile Ground.