We want to assure you more than ever of counselling availability at Fertile Ground during COVID-19 management and the important role it has to play.

Counselling will be delivered either by phone or via online options such as Skype or Zoom. These options are not new to counselling environments as they are already utilised in order to create greater access for those unable to attend in person for reasons such as childcare, residing in a remote area or wanting access to a practitioner with specialist knowledge not available in your local area.

Our FGHG counsellors, Suzanne Hurley and Rhea Dempsey have many years of experience in telephone counselling and are passionate about its effectiveness. COVID-19 is anxiety provoking and a source of great frustration if planning on or working towards a pregnancy, once pregnant or if needing essential medical care.

Talking with a counsellor about your concerns and accessing emotional management strategies can be very grounding and reassuring so that you are more in control of your thoughts and overwhelm. Please heed the warning signs such as eating or sleeping less, feelings of panic or worry that won’t go away, increase in anger and frustration, catastrophic thinking and overwhelm and do not delay in talking it through.

Protect yourself by getting the support you need rather than suffering alone. As well as remote counselling sessions we are also providing 30 minute naturopathic or Chinese medicine consultations specifically for immune support over the phone, skype or online. Book here for support.

We look forward to being there for you when you most need us.