What we do on the retreat

Respectful to culture, the retreat begins on Monday afternoon with a traditional Balinese welcome and story share, continues for 6 days and 5 nights, ending at lunchtime on the following Saturday.

This is not your standard goal setting, achieve more, make more jobs for yourself, write a list, you’ll be happier/more successful/make more money when you… Ra Ra kind of business mentoring. This is about taking time to stop and listen to your core aches and yearnings. Time to reflect more deeply on how you want to feel, why you do what you do, If you have any dis-satisfaction about the way you are working, any sense that you are off the path but not even sure why or how, caught in groundhog day, feel burnt out or a bit resentful about the state of your profession, your patients, your colleagues…or just a bit over it and wondering what’s next and how to make decisions about what to do, then this is definitely for you!

You don’t have to be burnt out either – you could just be starting out and wondering how to find your authentic style and voice in your profession. It often starts with clarity but gets so drummed out by the time we finish our degree we don’t know where to find it! Or know if it is really safe to voice it even.

Every day we explore a series of processes to lead you to clarity of understanding your core values, your purpose, potential and your true authentic voice. That voice that distinguishes you from everyone else in your profession and really sets you apart – and at the same time brings you together, busting that sense of isolation and competition, as you come to see that there really is no competition because no one can ever offer what you offer!

Is it the kind of business/personal development you need? It’s not something anyone else is talking about much for health professionals. There’s so much focus on the clinical side of business generally that this is so often neglected and we think a huge part of why there are such high rates of burnout among health professions.

There is also plenty of time for Q and As and nuts and bolts of business, both with Charmaine and Gill, as well as the whole group of experience to draw from. How do you…? When do you…? Why do you…? We all have so much to share! There will be juicy discussions around the meal table with so many wonderful practitioners as we drink kombucha and coconut water and pass the plates or organic, garden supplied food around. Bring your notebook and pen to meals for sure as the conversations are as juicy as the organic tumeric jamu!

We start every day with movement and meditation before breakfast. After the workshops, there’s many hours off every day to eat INCREDIBLE organic food, lay pool-side, swim, have massage, walk in the monkey forest, explore the organic food and herb gardens and animals, chat with like-minded practitioners running business, visit a Balinese healer or day spa, stretch, move, meditate, soak up the sunshine and rest in the shade… Mmmmm….

Bali Practitioner retreat 2018FLASH SALE STARTS MONDAY 15th OCTOBER 2018. A $500 deposit is required to secure your place.

For more information, please go Gill’s website or find the terms and conditions and application form here. You can also follow update by marking “interested” on the Facebook event page.

Are you coming? Please let us know ASAP so you don’t miss out!


Shared deluxe cottage $1990 FLASH / $2990 FULL
Deluxe room – $2190 FLASH / $3190 FULL
Deluxe cottage just for you! $2300 FLASH / $3300


🌟 What’s included in the price? 🌟

Six amazing days of mentoring with two of Australia’s most experienced complementary medicine practitioners / multidisciplinary clinic owners.

Immersive workshop program (approx. 30 hours).

Five nights’ accommodation

All incredibly delicious organic meals: 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 5 dinners.

A one hour massage at the Swasti Spa.

Movement/meditation session most mornings.

Excursion to Tirta Empul and ritual.

Plus surprises!

About Charmaine and Gill

Bali Practitioner Retreat 2018Charmaine Dennis is as a naturopath and multi-passionate and inspired entrepreneur and leader with a love for helping others to find their sweet spots in life and business. Her greatest business accomplishment is the creation of the dynamic and highly successful multidisciplinary natural medicine practice Fertile Ground Health Group (now 18 years old). Alongside her fertility focused practice, she has created a number of other successful collaborations to support good health including the Be Fertile guided relaxation series and The Breakfast Project. The last 7 years of her 20 year career has seen her focus evolve from naturopathic practitioner to mentor and inspirational leader.

Gill Stannard is a naturopath and mentor with more than 27 years in the business. She’s an expert in both old and new media, with many decades of radio (including the epic 3RRR Health Trip for 20 years), television and social media experience. Gill began mentoring practitioners in 1997, running group and individual programs. She loves helping clinicians grow their confidence, resolve blocks and find their authentic business style. Since following her heat and relocating from Melbourne to Sydney, Gill’s opened a clinic in the Inner West and continues to be a digital pioneer working with naturopathic and mentoring clients near and far. Read more about Gill.