By Gina Fox, Naturopath

Listen now to Gina’s Podcast “How to be smart about stress and your fertility”

The effect of stress can be different for each of us and just because you don’t feel stressed doesn’t mean that you may not be affected. The very busyness of our daily routines can result in constantly raised stress hormones such as cortisol. The effects of stress on the regulation of hormones, blood sugar and adrenal functions are well established and this means that reproduction is compromised, especially when experienced long term.

In the podcast Tasha Jennings ND of Conceive Baby website talks with Naturopath and Natural Fertility Specialist Gina Fox about the impact of stress on fertility and what you can do to improve your chances of falling pregnant.Gina has over 15 years clinical experience with a Masters in Reproductive Medicine. As well consulting at Fertile Ground Health Group, she is also a writer, speaker, naturopathic lecturer, student clinic supervisor and co-founder of the Be Fertile Series of Guided Meditations to support people through the struggles of trying to conceive.

Click here to hear the podcast. “How to be smart about stress and your fertility” Interview by Tasha Jennings from Conceive baby with Naturopath Gina Fox.