transition to motherhood

The transition to motherhood can also be known as Matrescence. Matrescence, firstly, how do you pronounce that word?  ma-tres-ants. Never heard this word before? Well neither has Microsoft  Word, it didn’t recognise it in its dictionary. I have since added it to my dictionary and you can now add it to your vocabulary.

Dana Raphael, anthropologist, coined this beautiful term, which defines the process of becoming a mother, the physical, psychological, and emotional changes a woman goes through after the birth of her child. 

The period of Matrescence never truly ends. It is the transition to motherhood, which is a dynamic evolutionary process. However, this term often speaks to those precious early moments and months after birth. Where the mother sheds her maiden self and leans into a lifelong role. 

The process hasn’t been explored in medical communities, however traditions and cultures across the world have honoured and continue to nurture the mother as she traverses this monumental transformation. This period is often referred to as the 4th Trimester, where we refill all the different cups of a mother.

If you have ever experienced yourself or witnessed someone who has gone through matrescence then you know this transition can be intense, overwhelming and overbearing. In this time mamas need to be taken care of and given the attention to navigate this transition. Luckily, there are so many things you can do to calm this transition from being a rollercoaster ride to a graceful glide. 

I’m excited to share these key aspects of postpartum care with you. We will be releasing a series of blogs over the coming weeks  which will explore the areas that provide a new mum with the support and care she needs as she navigates the transition to motherhood. Including:

  • Nourishing Foods
  • Supplements
  • Boundaries/Relationships 
  • Bodywork

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Written by postpartum and general health naturopath, Shantini Iyngkaran