The Fertility Diet offers a useful resource for anyone trying to conceive whether they’ve encountered fertility issues or not. Getting on board with these simple strategies will create the right circumstances for a heatlhy conception and healthy baby. The advice given in the book gives couples the power to make a difference to their own health and positively influence their fertility.

Author Tasha Jennings is a naturopath, nutritionist and Melbourne local whose personal history of infertility was the inspiration behind the book. This easy to read, magazine-style book, offers simple, down-to-earth tips and advice for pre-conception health. Tasha gives us a succinct explanation of the basics for good fertility health and why it matters when we’re trying to conceive. It is a nice blend between a professionally well researched book and a practical guide for couples wanting to conceive. Tasha shares many gems she found in her search to optimise her own fertility.

The basics such as charting your menstrual cycle and understanding about ovulation, PCOS and other health issues that can affect fertility are explained. It briefly covers the main factors that influence fertility such as age, weight, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, nutrition and exercise and combines easy to implement strategies to help improve egg quality, uterine and sperm health.

Tasha covers the major nutrients needed to enhance fertility and talks about some of the herbs and supplements that may be useful. As a naturopath herself Tasha understands the importance of consulting a naturopath or herbalist for individualized herbal and nutritional treatment. This part is understandably limited in its scope: the correct dose and length of time you should take a nutrient or herb is vitally important, so Tasha doesn’t provide or recommend a one-size-fits-all self-prescription.

A large chunk of the book is devoted to a practical 90 day fertility diet designed for men and women to support egg and sperm health during the critical 3 month period that the egg is developing. This 12 week diet will appeal to women who like structure and convenient menu planning with the easy, healthful and delicious recipes.

Tasha has done a great job at giving practical tips and advice for anyone trying to conceive. It offers a fabulous jumping-off point to give any couple a leap up the ladder of conceiving. I highly recommend it as a good read. This is the advice we’d like all our patients to follow before they conceive.

Tasha Jennings - Author PhotoThe author, Tasha Jennings, will be launching The Fertility Diet, giving an informative talk and book signing at Fertile Ground Health Group in East Melbourne at 7pm on Thursday 30th July.

To book in for the launch call FGHG reception on 03 9419 9988 or email

Cost $30 including a copy of The Fertility Diet, healthy drinks and snacks and and inspiring talk with introduction by Gina Fox (FGHG naturopath and fertility expert).



Recommended by Gina Fox, Naturopath & Fertility Expert, Fertile Ground Health Group.