Unexplained Fertility Issues

Georgia Marrion, Senior Fertility Naturopath and Nutritionist at Fertile Ground Health Group, joined Andrew Whitfiled-Cook from Natural Medicine Partners on their podcast – Wellness by Design, to discuss unexplained fertility issues.

From defining what unexplained fertility issues are and how it’s diagnosed to exploring known causes and the role of naturopathic medicine. Georgia offers insights on fostering fertile ground and managing this often devastating diagnosis.

Georgia also covers personalized approaches and therapies that can be employed to help women struggling with unexplained infertility.

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You can even watch the episode on Youtube

Georgia is a naturopath of 19 years’ experience with a Degree in Complementary Medicine and a Masters in Nutrition. Along with extensive clinical experience in reproductive health and fertility, Georgia is also an experienced writer and well regarded speaker. Read Georgia’s full bio here.

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