Anyone can succumb to an acute illness. Certain times of year, life circumstances, especially times of increased stress can leave us more vulnerable to imbalance and pathogenic influences. Even if you already see a naturopath, they may be focussed on big picture issues (such as fertility, digestive health or whatever you have sought treatment for) so your treatment regime might need a tweak to help you recover more quickly.

For this reason we have introduced a Quick Script 10 minute appointment that can be completed on the phone if need be or in person if you are nearby and able to drop in. Acute symptoms include colds, flu or other infection, sudden pain (such as period pain or acute migraine), cystitis, managing a fever for yourself or a child, or a breastfeeding issue (lack of supply, blockage, mastitis), etc.

Anyone can feel better, anytime and quicker with naturopathic treatment of your present symptoms.

Whatever is affecting your sense of wellness or daily schedule – ask for help from a Fertile Ground Health Group (FGHG) Naturopath who will have you ‘feeling better in no time’.

Book a Quick Script 10 minute appointment and have the very best diet/ lifestyle advice and prescription of herbal medicine and nutritional supplements (where indicated) tailored specifically for you by one of our experts.

As a current patient of any modality from FGHG your thorough treatment for any acute condition will be integrated with any current treatment regime as required.  Your parent, partner or child or even just someone intrigued by the benefits of naturopathy is welcome to try a Quick Scripts appointment.

This minimal investment of $40 plus medicine costs will improve the outcomes of your important focus now: be it preconception, IVF, any stage of pregnancy, health regime or otherwise work or recreation.

Treat yourself to feeling better: naturally, holistically and for the long term.