IVF Support Masterclass now open

IVF Support Masterclass with Rhiannon Hardingham

Rhiannon Hardingham has just opened intake for her 2020 IVF Support Masterclass program for Naturopathic practitioners.

Rhiannon is incredibly passionate about professional and clinical improvement. This is evident in everything that she does. It is no wonder that she is in such high demand with both patients seeking reproductive support, and with practitioners searching for top-notch clinical mentorship in the fertility and IVF arena.

We are so honoured to have her practicing with us at Fertile Ground and feel thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity for practitioners who are passionate about the fertility space to learn from this brilliant woman. She has amassed years of experience with results that speak to her calibre.

Gain confidence and become equipped to consult with complex fertility cases

Aren’t you supposed to know this information already? Actually, no. The information that Rhiannon shares is not taught in Naturopathic programs, university level or otherwise. If you are a practitioner looking to register, what you will gain from this masterclass series is clinically relevant practical application processes for preconception interventions, with specific IVF focus.

With IVF becoming increasingly common place, accounting for nearly 5% of all births in Australia & NZ, you are now more likely than ever to come across complex fertility patients in your day-to-day naturopathic general practice. However, there is little information available for you in regards to what is safe, effective & appropriate for this highly medicalised patient group.

What do you get?

In this four-part series Rhiannon shares her extensive clinical knowledge with you.  You will learn all about IVF support, including the most up-to-date research supporting naturopathic interventions for this complex patient group.

Participants will receive detailed clinical assessment and treatment tools to assist in day-to-day practice, as well as up-to-date resources regarding evidence-based support for IVF patients.

On completion practitioners will be better positioned to make sense of medical fertility protocols, manage complex fertility patients, as well as confidently communicate with medical specialists regarding evidence-based interventions for improved IVF outcomes.

Participants will earn 6 CPE points.

Find out more about this Masterclass and take your practice up to the next level.

Rhiannon is also giving the special early bird prices to her email group only, so if you’d like to join to receive those deals please register here.


The Fertile Ground Health Group team on behalf of Rhiannon Hardingham