New Birth Preparation Video Consultations

birth Preparation

Women need to be held and supported as they cross the threshold of childbirth into motherhood.

Birth Preparation is an essential tool to get your head and heart in the game and ready for labour. To feel mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with the transition ahead. These tools and support have never been more necessary than they are now.

As an Acupuncturist and Birth Support person these conversations would usually take place in the context of an acupuncture consult. Conversations about fears and tools, about options and research.

And yet, in the context of this rapidly evolving new world, acupuncture as a routine birth preparatory measure is no longer our best option. We’re adapting. And it is my belief that at this time we should instead have these conversations and preparations at a distance – via either phone or zoom.

Consults are 60 minutes and can cover whatever you like.

  • Tools to create calm as you step closer to birth
  • Techniques for managing pain
  • Developing a working with pain mindset
  • Physiology of birth and the role that the world environment might be playing
  • Acupressure points that may be of use
  • Any research links to help you better understand different things that may be coming up
  • Talking about any previous birth experiences 
  • Preparing for postpartum
  • And anything else that you might want to discuss

The content we cover will be guided entirely by you and your unique needs.

To get a sense of things you might like to cover, have a read of this article I wrote:

Our conversation will cover the terrain that doula / birth support generally encompass. It’s important to note that medical advice around COV-19 should be coming from your primary care provider and only a select few other resources (World Health Organisation and others)

There is scope to do follow up consults to dive deeper or address things as they pop up for you.

There is also absolutely scope to continue this phone support after your birth to:

  • help you step down from labour
  • active birth story listening
  • remind you of the basics and caring for yourself in the midst of this monumental transition
  • offer resources and referrals where appropriate

Support is crucial. We are right here for you.

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Written by Amy O’Brien, FGHG Acupuncturist and Birth Attendant.

Amy is a passionate Acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and birth attendant. She is fascinated by birth and exploring our birthing potential. The births of her own two children were her most incredible life experiences and she is also keen to explore better outcomes for postpartum women.