Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are all part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system of health care. A TCM practitioner seeks to understand the whole person in the context of their whole life and environment, addressing all the things that contribute to imbalance. Restoring harmony and normal function to optimise health and fertility is the goal. TCM is also focussed on preventative medicine as its sensitive diagnostics can often perceive small problems before they become bigger problems. All of our TCM practitioners practice acupuncture but only some practice Chinese herbal medicine. Check when booking if you prefer to use both.

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  • Kim Riley

    Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner

    Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

    Professional Associations
    Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA)
    Chinese Medicine Registration Board (CMRB)
    Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)


    Kim Riley is registered Chinese Medicine herbalist and Acupuncturist with a degree in Health Sciences Traditional Chinese medicine. In her 7 years of clinical practice, Kim has always focused on female reproductive health, assisting women to optimise their fertility, and to find answers to a wide range of gyneacological issues.

    Kim has a passion for whole-systems Chinese medicine. She truly believes there is a unique strength in the capacity of this medicine to look very closely at the main issue and to also take a step back and assess the whole body. When it comes to reproductive health there are a lot of similarities between women. But as each individual presents a little differently, the skill of the Chinese doctor lies in identifying the patterns of disharmony and then correcting them.

    Kim’s keen interest in modern physiology is balanced by the wisdom of centuries of Chinese medical knowledge passed down through each generation. Detailed knowledge of the reproductive organs, immunology and disease is important to Kim but she always takes a step back to view the body on a macro level too. For this reason, concurrent issues such as anxiety and depression, fatigue, insomnia and digestive complaints are often playing a role and need addressing.

    Kim encourages openness with her clients and is understanding of the pressure and emotional toll of experiencing fertility challenges and undergoing assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF. She is supportive of her clients in their quest for positive reproductive outcomes and this support continues throughout their pregnancy and birth and in the postpartum stage.

    Kim is a former student and then colleague of renowned Melbourne Chinese medicine gyneacologist Steven Clavey, having worked at his practice for 6 years. Kim continues to study advanced acupuncture techniques and specific diagnostic pulse studies from teachers from around the globe.

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