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Certified Life Coach through Brooke Castillo's Life Coach School

Certificate Buteyko Breath Method with Patrick McKeown of Buteyko Clinic International

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

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Carly Woods

Director, Buteyko Breathing Coach, Business Coach, Retreat Facilitator, Naturopath


Buteyko Breath Coaching with Carly for total health

Carly is passionate about teaching people simple and powerful ways to be able to regulate their nervous systems and enhance healing using Buteyko breathing therapy and Naturopathic lifestyle support, because these are foundational aspects that have been so profoundly transformative to her own health. Carly believes in making health fun, engaging, and practical. She loves to give you simple tools to help resolve your stress and anxiety, optimise your respiratory health, enhance your sleep and soothe your digestion. Carly runs Deep Rest Buteyko workshops, retreats, talks and trainings for patients nationally and online. Book online for a 1:1 breath coaching with Carly (under heading COACHING).

Begin to experience the effects of healthier breathing ahead of time by accessing Carly’s Free Buteyko Breathing Starter Pack. Maximise your healthy life by rewiring the patterns of your respiratory tract, nourishing your nervous system, resting easy with better sleep and easing your digestion by using these simple Buteyko breathing techniques.

Carly is qualified as a naturopath, Buteyko breathing practitioner (trained by Patrick McKeown) and certified Life Coach in the Brooke Castillo Life Coach School lineage. In 2020 Carly bought into and became co-owner and co-director of the renowned Melbourne Naturopathic fertility practice, Fertile Ground Health Group alongside her partner, Charmaine Dennis. In the same year (whilst navigating COVID in Melbourne) both women birthed naturopathic general health practice, The Melbourne Apothecary.

Business Coaching with Carly

Watch Carly’s FREE 30 minute entertainment/educational talk at the 2021 NHAA National Symposium entitled “How to Make More Money – by Growing Your Business” for a quick (and quirky) introduction on techniques you can use to grow your business – starting now – and for a sense of what it is like to work with her.

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