Does my partner need to come in as well?

If you are trying to conceive then, ideally, yes. Even if your partner does not have a diagnosed fertility issue, there will be factors for him to consider in optimising his sperm health. Factors such as how much alcohol he drinks, whether he smokes, dietary considerations and so much more are really important for him to get a handle on to optimise his health and fertility. It takes two – a sperm and an egg and each of those needs to be as healthy as can be to make the healthiest baby.

Making these changes together means you get to support each other to make changes or when the going gets tough. It also means you feel better, healthier, amazing even. You are much more likely to want to have sex when you feel healthy, relaxed, well rested and vital from all the goodness going into your body.

If your partner does have a diagnosed fertility issue there is SO MUCH that can be done to support him, improve his general health and sperm parameters and increase your chances. Some men feel reluctant at first, but once they realise we are all pretty down to earth, well researched and sensible, they usually come around.

If your partner is really reluctant and just won’t take steps to improve his or her health, as sometimes happens, it can be incredibly frustrating and disappointing as a partner doing all you can to improve yours. Counselling is a very good idea in this instance to develop some coping strategies and perhaps even some coaxing strategies to get your partner on board!