Deep connection – are you ready?

Deep connection

You are never presented with a situation you are not ready for. If this situation has taught us anything it has taught us how deeply connected we all are with each other and how our actions have a massive effect on everyone around us. We have had to create distance and we feel the strain of that as a society and as a world. 

But you know what? We could flip this perception. We could choose to view our current circumstances in a light that serves us rather than feel victim to it. So much of the world pulls us out of ourselves, out of our bodies. Our attention is easily often scattered in all directions except within. Now that we have the space and distance from the outer distractions you can choose to bring your attention back within to really find that deep connection with yourself, to know what is really happening for you and within you.

Are you resisting?

Most of us are fighting this. Resisting the need to go within because “I didn’t sign up for this self development class, thank you very much world!! I will decide when I am ready to look within and make the changes.” Well I say life never presents you with a situation you are not ready for. Why not take this opportunity, these moments of separation to really feel into who you are, where you start and where the outer world begins. It’s from this place that you can really hear your desires, discover your capacity to soar through massive change, and become inspired about what action to take next.  And you know what I’ve noticed in my life – when we are ready for change but do not take action to support it, life will intervene and make our situations so uncomfortable that we have no choice but to change, grow, let go.

How to start?

Your desires sit within your heart, and your heart speaks to your mind. Take a moment now, take a deep breath. 

Follow your breath down to your heart. 

Keep following your breath for a few minutes. 

You may like to place your hands over your heart. Now be still. Notice what comes up. What feelings, what thoughts. Allow it all to come and go, and see where the flow takes you. It’s not until we bring our awareness to our hearts that we can hear what it is truly saying. 

I recommend doing this practice every morning on waking. Take the time to find deep connection with yourself.

This process is similar to when you receive a massage. Massage helps you to connect to your body. When you are in your body you are out of your thinking mind. Think back to your last massage. Do you remember when the massage started and your awareness went to your body. Did you think “wow, I didn’t realise how tight that was….. or how sore that was!” Awareness was brought to these areas. If you want to know what it is that is making you feel how you are feeling right now I recommend you bring your awareness to your heart, listen, and really hone in on that deep connection with yourself.

The world is in a period of transition, which means we are all in a period of transition. 

Just like a boat on a river, life flows. It’s your choice if you use your energy to try and fight the current, or to surrender to the flow. We can’t always control the situation surrounding us but we can use our paddle to navigate down the river of life.

Written by Nicole McCowan

Nicole McCowan is available for one on one in person massage consultations. You’re welcome to book in with Nicole.

Are you prepared for one of the biggest days of your life?


Giving birth to your baby is a momentous event, particularly if it’s your first child. It is your initiation into motherhood, a rite of passage and you will be entering into unfamiliar territory. You may not have thought about just how big this will feel, or perhaps you’ve been thinking about the big day obsessively with equal amounts of curiosity, trepidation or uncertainty.

Much of our thoughts and energy during pregnancy go toward eating well, exercising and preparing for the days and months after the baby’s arrival, but it is equally important to consider how you can prepare to have a good labour and birth on this momentous day.

With so many opinions and different birth stories to hear, it can be difficult to know who or what to trust and how to feel confident about giving birth to your baby. Navigating this unfamiliar territory doesn’t have to be arduous, especially when there are experienced guides known as doulas or birth attendants. A guide to help you with birth preparation, creating a birth plan and gathering a good support team during pregnancy and birth, so when the big day arrives and you first greet your newborn babe, it can be the best experience it can possibly be!

What is a Doula?

A doula is another word to describe a birth attendant, birth coach or birth support companion.  She offers guidance and information as well as emotional and physical support.

A Doula will help you and your partner prepare for birth by giving you tips and tools for effective labour, help you understand what to expect when you are in hospital and assist you to navigate your way through risk management. They also work with you to create a plan for the kind of birth experience you would like to have and offer reassurance for when things don’t go to plan, bringing a calming presence to what can potentially be a confusing time.

Doulas add to a positive birth experience where birthing women feel safer, more informed and more aware of birth choices and the implications of these choices.

Why do I need a Doula?

Most Australian woman have fragmented maternity care and see multiple people across the pregnancy and birth journey. This can leave some women feeling unsupported and fearful about birth because they haven’t developed a relationship with a trusted guide, who they can rely on to assist and support them during the physically and emotionally intense experience of giving birth.

A good Doula is respectful of the demanding roles that obstetricians and midwifes have in the birth process. They understand that hospital midwives and medical staff can be weighed down by paperwork, protocols and safety during the birth, which can sometimes mean they have less time for the emotional, practical and physical care of birthing women.

By having a Doula you are filling in the gaps and giving yourself consistency of care and an opportunity to develop a supportive, trusting and educational relationship which has multiple benefits for you, your support team and family.

Does a doula need special training? Are they qualified to provide advice?

Anyone can call themselves a doula, so it is important to check that your doula has been trained by a reputable and experienced person or organisation.  It is also important to remember that doulas cannot give you medical advice or diagnose and assess your condition. This is the job of your GP, medical specialist or midwife.

A doula’s role is to educate and support you in birth preparation through to labour, delivery and immediately post-partum.  It is always best to engage a trained birth attendant doula. Our FGHG birth attendants have been trained with one of Australia’s most experienced childbirth educators and counsellors, Rhea Dempsey.

What happens at each appointment with my FGHG Doula?

You can engage a doula to attend your birth at any stage of your pregnancy but it is ideal to establish the relationship a few months before the baby is due. This allows time for you to get to know each other and feel comfortable and confident with your birth attendant.

Doulas at Fertile Ground Health Group are also massage therapists and many women choose to have regular pregnancy massage to further strengthen the relationship, build trust and to support a positive labour and birth. FGHG birth attendants can also recommend who to see when you need help with common ailments during pregnancy and what kind of support you might need post-natally for birth recovery, breastfeeding and nutrition.

At the initial 30 minute meeting – you will get to know your practitioner, how they work, what to expect, costs, share your concerns and history and have your questions answered to make an informed choice.

At the Birth meeting – this is a comprehensive 2 hour meeting that is ideally done as early as possible in the pregnancy because it is all about developing the relationship, establishing the birth team and bringing all interested parties together – i.e. partner, family and other support people, anyone who is attending the birth.

You will prepare a birth plan which talks you through all aspects of what to expect at the birth, which will allow you to get clear about your birth preferences and be more informed about the times when decisions and choices need to be made about pain relief, vaccination, placenta and umbilical cord.  You’ll also discuss where to park, medications and what food to bring as well as techniques to use during labour for active birth and optimal foetal positioning, birth preparation and resources you can use for any issue that arises.

Leading up to your due date you will have access to your birth attendant:

  • With 24 hour on call period from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby
  • Support for the full duration of active labour and the immediate period (1-2hrs) after your baby is born
  • One post-natal visit at your home to ‘debrief’ after the birth
  • Access to a “back up” birth attendant if needed

Having a trained birth attendant at your side to help you navigate unknown territory, support you and provide guidance ultimately gives you more confidence, reassurance and preparation for one of the biggest days in your life – the birth of your baby and the growth of your family.

More information about doulas at FGHG:

Fiona Harrison, FGHG Massage Therapist and Birth Attendant

Michelle Lowe, FGHG Massage Therapist and Birth Attendant

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