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We are often asked how talking can help. A counsellor brings an objective point of view that can help you find new insight. They often have experience of issues from a range of perspectives that can help to broaden your scope of understanding, resilience, self-compassion, your capacity for coping and acceptance of change. Often, a counsellor is called upon to assist people when things aren’t going well or we are experiencing some kind of difficulty. Using of a range of approaches aimed at providing support and reducing distress, a counsellor can help you improve your mental health and wellbeing.

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  • Rhea Dempsey

    Counsellor & Childbirth Educator

    Trained Primary Teachers Certificate – Phys Ed. (TPTC)
    Grad Dip of Counselling & Human Services (LaTrobe)
    Certificate of Childbirth Education

    Professional Associations
    Childbirth & Parenting Educators of Australia - Trainer (CAPEA)


    Rhea is a mother of three adult daughters and now two delightful grandchildren. She is a counsellor, independent childbirth educator, trainer and author, with over 35 years experience working with women and families before, during and after birth. Her special interest is in exploring the psychosocial factors that affect birth experiences. Her counselling practice, as well as assisting with reflection on general life issues, also includes psychological birth debriefing.

    Rhea is a highly respected and sought after presenter at conferences, seminars and workshops on birth and counselling issues. Rhea also has a private practice—Birthing Wisdom—running an extensive schedule of classes for couples and groups as well as training and development for midwives and birth attendants.

    Rhea’s book Birth with Confidence: savvy choices for normal birth is available at Fertile Ground Health Group

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