Beyond The Birth Plan

Rhea Dempsey


Beyond the Birth Plan: Getting real about pain and power

In Beyond the Birth Plan, Rhea offers her deep knowledge and insights into preparation for the complex emotional path to birth and motherhood. Through meticulous research, Rhea’s postnatal counselling experience, and interviews with experts and women all around Australia, she explores the psychological and emotional experiences of birthing and motherhood alongside the physical experience.

Research tells us many postnatal challenges stem from our pre-baby life: our emotional history, childhood and even babyhood. Prenatal preparation that recognises this is crucial in protecting new mothers from postnatal depression. It is also the kind of preparation Rhea Dempsey has offered for years to women wanting the best chance of intervention-free birth in our current system.

In Beyond the Birth Plan Rhea outlines this emotional preparation, drawing on brain science, psychology, midwifery research, and the personal stories of many women she has supported to birth the way they want.

Whatever your intentions for labour and whatever its ultimate pathway, your real plan for your birth—and beyond—starts here.

Get your copy of Rhea’s second book: Beyond the Birth Plan: Getting real about pain and power.

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Realistic preparation for the birth you want will have benefits well beyond your labour.

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