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Michelle Lowe

Remedial, Pregnancy & Fertility Massage Therapist


Michelle is a passionate remedial, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum massage therapist and birth attendant with over 10 years experience. During this time Michelle has obtained a certificate in Pregnancy Massage, Fertility Massage and has completed up to Level 2 in Reiki. She has a special interest in treating women who are pregnant, experiencing menstrual pain and couples who are trying to conceive.

Michelle’s interest in women’s health started when she completed her studies in Pregnancy Massage, looking at the various changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy was fascinating to Michelle. This brought her curiosity to Fertility Massage as she felt it would really expand and assist her understanding of the female reproductive system. Michelle knows how a misaligned uterus can affect a woman’s ability to conceive and the pressure it can put on a woman when she menstruates. She learnt how to support women with their reproductive and digestive health by using techniques that combine massage, breathing, visualisations and the rebozo to get results. She herself has witnessed the results first hand by naturally resolving her own debilitating period pain through what she has learnt throughout her journey.

As a doula Michelle believes in the body’s natural ability to birth, however she still has respect for medicine when it is necessary. She has a deep passion for women to make informed decisions and decisions that feel right for them when it comes to the birth of their baby. She loves to educate and support couples so that they can walk away happy with their birthing experience. 

Michelle utilises all her knowledge, skills and past experiences to determine the best treatment for all her patients. She understands that everyone has different influences and demands in their life and finds that not all techniques and advice work for everyone, which is why she develops a treatment plan that best suits an individual’s needs. There’s nothing that makes Michelle happier than knowing that she has helped someone to achieve their desired outcome for their health and wellbeing.

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