Nurture The Seed

Renee Jennings and Georgia Gregory


Nutrition advice for pregnant women is confusing, outdated and over-restrictive. Women are too often told about the foods they can’t eat, rather than what they can eat. This needs to change, and the solution is here in this book – Nurture the Seed.

Nurture the Seed is an almost 300 page book, centred around evidence-based research. It is easy to digest and full of practical information to make your pregnancy easier and more enjoyable. It takes you through the nutritional needs of pregnancy and what nutrient-dense foods to focus on in your diet. You will learn about the role of having a healthy microbiome and how to tackle common pregnancy hurdles like nausea, constipation and gestational diabetes with food and lifestyle strategies. It also discusses the importance of maintaining good nutritional habits in the sacred postpartum period.

Filling your body with nutritious food is one of the best ways you can support yourself and your growing baby on this nine-month odyssey. This book is not here to judge nor impose, but rather to give you the power to make informed decisions. It builds upon current guidelines with recent research, helping you make nutrient-rich food choices with confidence. Eat like your livelihood depends on it. And nurture that seed the best you can.

Nurture the Seed contains 35 recipes.

There are meals that can be thrown together in a matter of minutes, a guide to perfecting bone broth, recipes for plant-based eaters and plenty of snacks that can be eaten one-handed for when your bub arrives.


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