Can I have acupuncture to help induce my labour if I have never had acupuncture before?

Yes! We generally recommend our patients come for birth preparation up to six weeks prior to their due date. This enables us to progressively ensure your body is in top condition and ready to birth – hopefully going into labour naturally, if that is what you choose. Research has shown that this approach can reduce labour times and make contractions more effective.

Ideally we like to see you before there is pressure to go into labour, but this is not always possible. Not everyone knows about this type of birth preparation and we receive many referrals from obstetricians, midwives and birth centres recommending women for last minute natural induction. Acupuncture can be very effective, particularly if you are at or past your due dates. You will find more information about acupuncture induction here and you might also be interested to read about our massage induction treatments as well. We find they work well together and many people undertake both to cover all their bases, indulge in the ultimate relaxation prior to the arrival of their baby and of course to increase their chance of success!