Instructions for cooking your Chinese medicine herbal prescription.

The cooking pot should be either glass, ceramic, or enamel. Inexpensive traditional Chinese ceramic cooking pots are available at the clinic and should be soaked for 3 hours prior to first use.

See your herbal prescription for any variations to the length of time for cooking the herbs (you will generally be informed of any differences both at your consultation and when the herbs are being dispensed).

1. Place herbs in a pot and cover with ___ cups of water (amount differs between different formulas).

2. Bring to the boil, then turn down and simmer until 3 cups remain.

3. Strain liquid to remove the dregs.

4. Take 250ml/day, storing unused portions in a sealed glass container in the fridge (re-heat before consuming). Each bag supplies enough liquid for 3 days.

Granulated herbs are simply added to warm water and down the hatch! Follow with something tasty.

The herbs are generally not considered to be delicious! Drink the recommended dose quickly and follow with something you prefer the taste of. It’s a moment of discomfort for a maximum effect.