I’m pregnant. Is massage safe for me?

Absolutely! Our massage therapists are highly trained professionals and can safely and confidently provide massage at ANY STAGE of pregnancy – from day one to week 42! Massage is the ideal way to manage the increasing physical load of pregnancy and many of the associated symptoms of pain, cramp, spasm and other discomfort. Not to mention how relaxing and stress relieving massage can be! Surely when you are pregnant this is the one time you can unquestioningly justify a massage for yourself? Self care is paramount to a happy, healthy pregnancy and massage is an important part of that.

Our massage therapists are also trained to provide induction massage to help you go into labour at the end of your pregnancy. A deeply relaxing massage incorporating acupressure points to stimulate contractions is a very successful approach for many women.

After your baby is born our massage therapists provide special treatments to help new mums recover from birth, sleeplessness, breastfeeding, stress and fatigue. Read more about Mother Roasting.

Finally, some of our massage therapists are trained to provide and teach parents the lovely skill of infant massage. For more information check in with reception.