What is the mother roasting massage?

Our Mother Roasting massages are based on traditional restorative techniques used in many cultures for post natal women. The treatment involves ‘warming’ the mother in some way (hence the name) and providing deep, relaxing, restful, restorative massage. New mums commonly experience aches and pains associated with birth recovery, lost sleep, new routines, major physiological, emotional and psychological changes and breastfeeding. As well as massage we use moxibustion (a technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine), warming oils, acupressure warm fluffy towels and other techniques to give mum the ultimate 90 minutes of bliss.

You can have as many Mother Roasting treatments as you like and it is never too late! Mothers of toddlers, tweens and even teens would still just love this treatment. There is no real cap on when to have it. All mothers need and deserve this kind of indulgence and care. Only by looking after yourself can you be the best mother you can be.

Mother Roasting is a great gift for the mother to be or new mum. You’ll find out gift vouchers here!