Is the clinic just for women? Do you also treat men?

Many people believe that because we treat fertility we must only treat women. However, almost half of all fertility issues have a male factor as at least part of the cause! At Fertile Ground Health Group we believe healthy people make healthy babies, and it takes good quality eggs and sperm to make a healthy baby. We are passionate about treating both men and women!

As part of your pre-conception care, we encourage both partners to embark on a journey toward better health – regardless of whether there are fertility problems or not – and regardless of whose fertility issue it is. Of course, in helping people improve their health for fertility we need to sort out a lot of other health problems in the process. Both men and women might see one of our practitioners for a sore back, sinus, headaches, digestive problems, recurrent illness, skin issues or other health issues on their way to improving their fertility and preparing to conceive.

Consequently we are confident in treating a range of health issues in both men and women regardless of what stage of the life cycle they might be up to.