What is your success rate?

We are often asked by patients what are the odds are of their falling pregnant, or, what our success rate is. It is a fair question but not a straight forward one to answer. Unlike a horse race, the fertility journey for most people is not a straight run to the finish line. But very much like a horse race, those who do well are usually the ones who have put in the hard yards: done the training, eaten well, taken care of themselves, made adjustments along the way, done as their team of experts has advised and consequently showed good endurance.

Sadly, we know not everyone who comes to our clinic is willing to do this work. There are numerous reasons: either it doesn’t resonate with them, they don’t ‘believe’ in it, they don’t want to make changes such as giving up alcohol, coffee or changing their diet and lifestyle, they don’t have time, or they’ve already tried so many things … when it comes to excuses, the list can be endless.

What we do find is that the people who allow us to come on the journey with them, providing support, advice, encouragement and guidance on making changes and who really implement the recommendations and take their supplements and yukky tasting herbs, these are the people who most often find success.

The most important thing we know is: “There is nothing good health is not good for.” Nothing. The healthier you are mind and body, the more likely you are to be successful in any endeavour. And that does not mean if you have a health condition of some kind that you won’t be successful. It is simply about optimising, being your best you, making the most of what you’ve got. And amazingly, it is not that hard, you’ll feel better, happier, more resilient – no matter what disappointments or challenges might come your way.

So while our success rate might not be 100%, there are no real losers here – except the ones who give up too soon, or just never return after one or two visits. All crisis leads to transformation. Let us help you through yours and see what waits on the other side.

We are currently working on developing an accurate measure of our success rates to implement in 2015 which we hope will shed some light on the actual statistics of our practice.