Preconception Fundamentals Masterclass for Practitioners

Gina Fox, Josephine Cabrall & Sage King


Feel confident in your clinical skills with preconception health care in this 3-part Preconception Fundamentals Masterclass with Gina Fox, Josephine Cabrall and Sage King

This masterclass is designed for health professionals and naturopaths who are looking to polish their clinical preconception skills. You will be led through the key elements of preconception care for your patients who are trying to conceive.

Fertile Ground Health Group Fertility Naturopaths Gina Fox, Josephine Cabrall and Sage King will share their nuanced and refined expertise in this area, helping you develop your own approach, to learn about safe prescribing for this patient group and collecting the tools and resources you need to feel confident leading your patients towards a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Fertile Ground Health Group practitioners are widely known and highly regarded for their expertise in reproductive medicine. They are firm advocates for exceptional standards of care and believe that by sharing their knowledge with you in this area, they can enhance not only your confidence in treating your patients, but can also uplift our profession as a whole.

Please note that this Preconception Fundamentals Masterclass is open to all health professionals and naturopaths – including student naturopaths seeking to get a solid head start in the area of reproductive medicine.

Is this masterclass for you?

Find out if you need to enhance your preconception skill set:

  • Do you want to refresh and update your evidence-informed preconception knowledge with the latest research?

  • Do you want greater confidence to work with singles and couples to achieve the most effective outcomes for preconception, egg freezing or fertility preservation?

  • Do you want clarity around preconception assessment, pathology testing and ideal result ranges?

  • Do you want to up-skill on interpreting preconception pathology testing?

  • Do you want to understand key nutrients and dosing in the preconception period?

  • Do you want to know how to navigate inclusive preconception care for the LGBTQIA+ community?

  • Do you want to know how collaborative health care can improve your patient outcomes?

  • Do you want to know when assisted reproductive technology is indicated for your patients?

You will get all of this and more with Fertile Ground Health Group Fertility naturopaths and nutritionists, Gina Fox, Josephine Cabrall and Sage King, in this exclusive online masterclass.

What you get

In this 3 part series, these experienced fertility naturopaths share their extensive knowledge to help you broaden your treatment scope.

You will receive detailed clinical assessment and treatment tools to assist in day-to-day practice, as well as traditional and evidence-based resources regarding dosage guidelines for key nutrients, reference sheets for testing and pathology interpretation and clinical tools detailing how to structure successful preconception consultations. On completion, you will have access to the information and resources required to help you confidently include preconception naturopathic healthcare in your successful clinical practice.

This is now available as a digital package, with all sessions accessible on demand.

Participants of this Preconception Fundamentals Masterclass series will earn 6 CPE points. Your CPE certificate is accessible via your digital package portal.

Modules in Detail 

PART 1 – Fundamentals

You will learn about preconception care fundamentals for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Assessment techniques for patients, including pathology testing.
  • Case-taking skills to clinically assess egg & sperm quality.
  • What role environmental toxins play in the fertile potential and how to mitigate risk and exposure.

PART 2 – Detailed clinical application

You will learn about how to gather, and the importance of gathering, evidence for treatment within the context of our key naturopathic approaches for preconception health. This includes:

  • Case studies and evidence-based clinical gems.
  • Diet and lifestyle influences, including sleep and stress, and the implications of nutritional deficiencies, metabolic health and exercise.
  • Myth busting around common preconception considerations such as detoxing, weight loss and caffeine.

PART 3 – The specifics

Here you will be invited to see how Fertile Ground structures consultations and engages with patients, giving you a unique insight into the methods of some of the most experienced practitioners in the profession.

  • Boost your skills and confidence in supporting couples on their fertility journey in your own clinic.
  • Learn the critical patient education basics such as timing and cycle tracking.​​​​​​​

Understand how to confidently:

  • interpret pathology testing,
  • safely prescribe key nutrients at effective dosages,
  • identify when to refer to other health professionals to optimise patient outcomes.

Time: 90-120 minute sessions, live as well as recorded for your payback convenience.

General Price: $495 + GST

Student price: $295 + GST

Platform: Zoom

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