Address Your Unmet Needs

Suzanne Hurley


I believe practitioner burnout remains poorly understood and that by coming together in collaborative discussion about unmet needs and professional challenges, we can create a supportive framework in which to flourish together. Following my own experience of burnout, I learnt firstly how to recognise my own unmet needs and then how to prioritise them. We can’t just keep on giving without knowing how to replenish, how to address what holds us up and how to arrive to our work with a sustainability and nourishment that not only benefits our patients, but also sustains us.

That is why I am offering this facilitated forum. This is a place to meet and to explore how we, as health professionals, carry the grief from the work that we do – be it infertility, miscarriage, termination support, birth trauma, neonatal death, mental illness, or unexpected events during the perinatal period.

What have you noticed about yourself in this work? What are your own support needs and how do you identify when you need to reach out?

In this free 45 minute webinar I will hold a guided discussion forum that illuminates shared clinical insights from our professional work as a group, with our clients experiencing reproductive loss and grief. As a Perinatal & Fertility Counsellor with decades of experience not only with clients in this field, but also as a supervisor for practitioners, I will help you learn how to better attend to your own needs on multiple levels.

This live event is now complete and is available to you as a digital replay. Read more about the details and register to receive your copy.

Suzanne Hurley

Perinatal & Fertility Counsellor, Supervisor
Fertile Ground Health Group
M.Coun HS. Grad dip Coun HS. Dip App Sci (Naturopathy) Facilitator P-CMG COS®


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