Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation Cards

Seasons of Mama


So why are affirmations helpful with Pregnancy and Birth?

Self-affirmations are designed to help you literally re-program any limiting beliefs, negative inner narratives, anxieties and fears. In doing so, allowing you to actualize your dreams and your goals! Simply put, your body achieves what your mind believes, and these cards have been meticulously created to honour you where you are, while helping to guide you towards where you would like to go. A must for the hospital bag and for your preparations in the lead up.

Display these in your locally handcrafted timber stand (by a Dad of 2) and change them as often as you feel called to or display them around your home, in places you frequent most (repetition is key to forge new neural pathways). Surround yourself in beautiful positivity and self-belief!

Designed to empower women to birth their babies in a calm and confident way, however it may unfold!


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