6 Day Retreat in Bali – Dec 2022

with Carly Woods & Charmaine Dennis

Are you looking to transform your life? The upcoming 6 day retreat in Bali with Carly Woods and Charmaine Dennis is a beautiful opportunity to take time out from the busy world you may find yourself entangled in, to focus on uncovering what matters to you and how you want to show up to create a life you love.

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How to find your way even if you’re struggling with feeling stuck

Can you hear it whispering? That quiet, inner voice that knows – there has got to be more to life than this…or maybe it’s roaring. The heart speaks in whispers until it goes unheard for too long.

Perhaps you’re feeling that nagging sense of dissatisfaction and wondering ‘How did I get here? Why is it all so hard? Why hasn’t it worked out yet?’ Feeling stuck, tired, over it, held back, burnt out, overwhelmed by it all, no time to think, no time for self…

It’s likely your self-care practices are sitting on the bottom rung of the endless list of things to do, something you’ll get to later. Yet later never seems to come.

When you’re not on the path that your heart longs for, sometimes it’s easier not to feel. Maybe you buffer or avoid those deep emotions with workaholism, distraction, and busyness. Or maybe it’s the latest Netflix series. Whatever it is, something in you yearns for more to life than this.

Your potential feels buried amongst all the things of day to day life.

You are not alone.

What if you had the opportunity to reimagine your life?

Sometimes all you need is the freedom to look at your current reality from a different perspective, to explore your endless possibilities from a refreshed vantage point.

Clarity unveils in the stillest places.

It’s time to STOP.  It’s time to ASK yourself:

  • Who do you want to be?
  • What do you want to create in your life?
  • Why do you want it to be different?

It’s in the space of stillness that you come to nurture your authentic self, to discover your purpose, and to find your way.

The rest of your juicy life is patiently waiting for you.

Focus on you

This 6 day retreat in Bali is carefully crafted to support, nourish, and facilitate your re-emergence toward the life that you long to live.

You will come away feeling rested, rejuvenated, and equipped with the tools, techniques and strategies you need for ongoing healthy self-care and self-discovery. Through expertly curated workshop-style process, we support you to delve deeply and help you find answers to your big life questions. You will get clarity and start to imagine the possibility of living the life of your dreams – from a place of brimming fullness rather than running on empty.

Daily reflective self-enquiry workshops are blended with unique and powerful explorations of meditation and visualisation, deep introspection and connection processes, moon yoga, qigong, mindset and life coaching concepts, kundalini shake, Buteyko breathing, nutrition, nature, exploration of financial health and money blocks, immersive relaxation, and traditional Balinese blessing and healing.

We are deeply passionate about self-care and this is reflected in the program all week long. This is an opportunity for you to slow right down. To rest and reconnect with yourself, feel a sense of rejuvenation, possibility, and a deep connection with what you want for yourself in this life.

Undoubtedly there will be tears shared as we release the old parts of ourselves. And we will have a lot of fun and laughter too!! All emotions are welcome here on the way to experiencing life to its fullest.

Book now for this incredible 6 day retreat in bali. Spaces limited.

With thrilled anticipation to share this incredible experience with you.

Carly Woods & Charmaine Dennis

Carly and Charmaine are proud owners and directors of Fertile Ground Health Group and The Melbourne Apothecary.  They are passionate about exploring connection, health, mindset and possibilities whilst navigating the pathways that this beautiful life offers.

I believe that taking time to slow right down is essential. We need space to reflect more deeply and ask the beautiful questions of ourselves and each other, to share experience and story and learn that we are not as alone as we can sometimes feel. We need space to really listen to our own inner wisdom and discover how we can align our lives to something more authentic and true for us. We need space to feel all the possibility of being alive. This work is a total joy for me, especially working alongside my partner Carly Woods. I am thrilled to share it with you.

Charmaine Dennis

I have maintained a passionate course on the curiosity train for self-development throughout my life and I LOVE sharing what I have found with others. I believe that practical, fun, simple and powerful actions are the some of the best ways towards the results we want in our lives and I’m all about delving into the mental programming that’s going to help get you (and me) to take the actions to make our dream lives a reality. The most fun thing is that I get to do it with my incredible partner, Charmaine, and all of you!!!! What could be better!!

Carly Woods


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